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July 7 2010 - Neformal 4.3.1 is out. MP3-tags reader fixes. HTML files viewer has been added.

April 21 2010 - Neformal 4.3.0 is out. This release features a lot of built-in file manager fixes and g++ 4.x compatiblity.

August 3 2009 - Neformal 4.2.0 is out.

This release contains an adaptation to new rules. Now Neformal shows the song lyrics with your default web-browser.

P.S. Why? See for the details.

June 2 2009 - Neformal 4.1.0 is available. The scaling ability (+ and - keys) has been added to the image viewer (to scale the large covers). Documentation has been impoved. Is that all? Yes.

May 15 2009 - Neformal 4.0.0 is out.

In this version, there is a big thing comes - the sound effects support. The effects are provided by the backend. For example, the GStreamer backend has the 10-band equalizer and other fine fx. You can use them by creating the effect chains, save them as the presets, etc. Please read the manual for the details. In the Win32-port fx are currently disabled due to some instability issues. Linux rules!

Other news - the song information on the temporal hint over the traybar, some other small features and fixes.


Neformal is a small Qt/Phonon-based player WITHOUT any playlist or collection support. It provides a useful file manager with the ability to play file by file. Neformal can keep the bookmarks for the favourities directories. Other features are:

sound effects support (depended on the backend)
RMS statistics for 16 bit PCM WAVs
Song lyrics support (via
drag and drop to outside of the player
flexible id3v1 and id3v2 handling
tags charset selector
built-in image and text files viewer
output device selector

See the screenshot.

To install Neformal from the source, you need just a modern version of Qt 4. If you run Neformal and there is no sound, but you something like that - "phonon_backend could not be loaded" - at the console output, it means that your distro's Qt is built without the Phonon backend and you need to use the KDE's one: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/kde4/plugins/phonon_backend /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/phonon_backend


Neformal 4.3.1 - the source code tarball, 55 kbytes
Neformal 4.3.1 Win32 Installer - installer executable, 5.6 Mbytes
Neformal 4.3.1 ELF binary (Qt 4.5), 145 kbytes


Name: Peter Semiletov
Nick: Roxton
e-mail: peter.semiletov AT!
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